The next expansion for Bushiroad’s anime and computer-game themed collectible card game, Weiss Schwarz will be Hatsune Miku Project Diva f.  The new expansion will include 100 card types, and is scheduled to release in November.
Project Diva f is based on a series of PSP and PS3 games of the same name.  The game features virtual pop music singers called "Vocaloids." 
The new expansion set will include 100 cards in five rarities.  The set will include four types of gold foil chase cards and cards signed by Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita, who voiced the Hatsune Miku character.  Chase cards are randomly inserted into decks and packs.
The cards will be sold in 50-card pre-constructed Trial Decks and randomly-packed 8-card Booster Packs.  The decks will also include a play book and playmat to assist new players.  Seven of the cards will be exclusive to the Trial Deck.  Displays will hold either six Trial Decks or 20 booster packs.  The Trial Deck will release on November 1st, with the booster packs releasing two weeks later.
More information about the Weiss Schwarz trading card game can be found here:  "Bushiroad's 'Weiss Schwarz' Decks in English."