Asmodee and Moonster Games are planning an October release for Koryo (MSRP $29.99), a take-no-prisoners card game set in a steampunk alternate history universe.  In the politically-charged world of Koryo players simultaneously choose a family of politicians from the cards in their hands.  The families all have different values as well as different powers that can be granted to players who choose to control the family.  This fast and exciting game for 2-4 players takes just15 minutes to play in eight exciting turns.
Players have to play their cards judiciously in order to maintain majorities in specific factions and thus gain the powers provided by their followers.  Players have to make tough choices, and the decisions get harder as the game goes along the number of cards drawn dwindles.  For example players could control the bankers to gain influence now, or try to gain control over the Guardians to protect against barbarian invasion.  Power can shift on every turn as players balance long term and short range goals.
The deluxe Koryo Card Game, which was designed by Gun-Hee Kim and features striking card art by Stephane Gantiez and Ian Parovel, contains 45 character cards, 10 event cards, 8 season cards, 8 victory point tokens, 1 first player token, and a rule book.