Pokemon TCG: Black & White--Legendary Treasures will street on November 6th.  This new expansion to the perennially popular trading card game will include 130 new cards, and will come in booster pack format.
The Legendary Treasures expansion set will introduce two new "Pokemon-EX" cards, "Chandelure-EX" and "Excadril-EX," and will bring back ten older Pokemon-EX cards.  A special "Radiant Collection" subset will also be included, featuring 25 cards with special overcoat and foil patterns.  This subset will have its own numbering and rarity system as well.
Each 10 card booster pack has an MSRP of $3.99.  Each pack will include an on-line code to unlock virtual versions of the cards for the online game.
Legendary Treasures will follow the launch of the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y video games, scheduled to release in October (see "'Pokemon X' and 'Y' Gains Momentum").