Sweetpea has filed for a partial dismissal of the infringement suit by Wizards of the Coast over its plans for a movie based on Dungeons & Dragons (see "WotC Sues"), according to Deadline.  Sweetpea didn’t write the script for the planned Warner Bros. film and it’s based on D&D precursor Chainmail, not Dungeons & Dragons, the motion alleges. 

The Warner Bros. film with Sweetpea is one of two dueling films tied to D&D; the other is set up at Universal with current WotC owner Hasbro (see "Dueling 'D&D' Movies”).  Sweetpea filed a motion to dismiss last summer (see "Sweetpea Asks Judge to Toss WotC Case"), but the judge said Hasbro needed more time for discovery before the court would consider a motion to dismiss. 

Sweetpea also filed a counterclaim in September to block the Universal Dungeons & Dragons film (see "Counterclaim Tries to Block 'D&D' Movie").
Trial is set for March 25, 2014.