WizKids Games announced an all-new line of pre-painted plastic miniatures for Wizards of the Coast’s popular Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.  The release of the first set of WizKids D&D miniatures will coincide with the launch of the highly anticipated next edition of Dungeons & Dragons, which is due out this summer (see "'D&D Next' Launch Date Set"). 

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The WizKids D&D minis will also complement the recently announced Tyranny of Dragons multi-platform D&D event (see "'D&D: The Tyranny of Dragons' New 'D&D Encounter'").
The new WizKids D&D minis will feature characters and creatures that D&D players have come to know and love, providing with the ability to conduct their campaigns with greater levels of tactical immersion and tactical interplay.

WizKids will develop figures that support official key Dungeons & Dragons products this summer including the Tyranny of Dragons event.  As Nathan Stewart, WotC’s Brand Manager for Dungeons and Dragons put it, "It’s important for us to work with strong partners such as WizKids to ensure a fantastic Tyranny of Dragons experience for all D&D fans."