IELLO Games had several new games announcements at Toy Fair in New York, including teasing a new King of Tokyo stand-alone board game, King of New York.
Most information on the new board game is still under wraps, but Russell Grieshop, IELLO Community Manager, shared some details.  Like King of Tokyo, the game will be designed by Richard Garfield.  "The monsters don’t like to fight there (NYC) quite as much as they like Tokyo, but they love to come to The Big Apple, because there are Broadway shows, shopping in Manhattan, other things to do," he joked.  The game will introduce a new dynamic whereby monsters can interact with humans.  There are also cards that allow monsters to do special things only if they are in a specific borough (or area of the board).  The game will introduce six new monsters.  Grieshop said there are plans to find a way to make cards from King of Tokyo cross-compatible (since the two games have different card backs), but that is still in the works. Release is planned for Gen Con.
Night of the Grand Octopus is a translation of the French La Nuit du Grand Poulpe board game designed by Frederic Morard and published in France by Superlude Editions.  Three to five players take the role of cultists out to raise your tentacled octopus god to the surface to rule again.  In each round, players privately place their cultist and monster tokens on an area, and then reveal their location together.  If only one cultist group occupies a space, they gain strength for their cult. But more than likely, two or more will want the same spot, and they must negotiate, or they both lose cult strength.  Or if a rival monster occupies the space, the cultist will be eliminated.  MSRP is tentatively set at $40.00; release date was not announced.
Think Again! is a fast-paced Q&A party game where players already know the right answers to the questions, but the correct answer may not be what is required.  Players take turns asking questions, and then hold up the next question card- which may have a green dot requiring the right answer, or a red dot or dunce, which means an incorrect answer is required.  If a player answers improperly for the situation, lose a point.  After each player has asked five questions, the player with the most points wins.  MSRP is $14.99 and the game is releasing imminently.

Releasing in March is Pina Pirata.  A deceptively simple play-or-draw card game, players are pirates attempting to find four pieces of a map that leads to the treasure of the gold pineapple.  The goal of each round is to discard all cards to win a piece of the treasure map.  The complication is the Adventure tiles, which, as they are revealed, change a rule of game play.  There are 40 different tiles, so each game is different. MSRP is $19.99.

Also planned for March is Shinobi WAT-AAH!.  Players take the role of lords out to overthrow the Emperor, and must recruit clans of ninjas to aid in their military battle to crush their opponents.  There are two game modes: Grasshopper and Grand Master mode.  Grasshopper allows for immediate play and thus shorter games.  Grand Master requires three rounds of training, leading to more complex final battles.  MSRP is $39.99.