IDW Games is expanding their line of game titles by reprinting three games from partner Pandasaurus Games this year: Tammany Hall, Rattus Cartus, and Yedo.
Tammany Hall is a game of corruption and backroom politics in the New York of the infamous "Boss" Tweed, designed by Doug Eckhart.  It was originally released in 2007.  The reprinted version will release in June.

In Henrik and Ase Bergs’ Rattus Cartus, players try to build political support in a kingdom ravaged by the Black Plague.  This card game originally released in 2012.

Yedo was designed by Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke, who are also designing IDW Games’ first release, Kill Shakespeare.  It is a Japanese-themed worker placement style game that was originally released in 2012.
IDW Games’ first title, Kill Shakespeare, will be launched through both Kickstarter and regular distribution channels (see "IDW Games Launches with 'Kill Shakespeare'").