Cubicle 7 has announced plans to release five titles in 2014 for its Lord of the Rings-based role playing game The One Ring.  The new titles will include a revised one-volume rulebook, supplements that expand on game settings, and adventure collections.
Two books are planned for release in the summer.  The first will be The One Ring Revised Core Manual.  Designed to replace the current boxed set, this single-volume rulebook includes updates, rules clarifications, and new artwork by John Howe.  The rules updates will also be available in pdf format for players who already own the boxed set.
The second summer release will be Rivendell, which describes the region of eastern Eriador, Angmar, Fornost, Mount Gram, and Tharbad.  This book features rules for the Rangers of the North and the Elves of Rivendell.
Autumn will also see two new releases.  The first, Ruins of the North, will be a collection of adventures based in Wilderland and Eriador.  These adventures are designed to make use of the material in Rivendell.
The Adventurer’s Companion will be a rule manual that focuses on options for players who want new ways to create characters.  Rules for playing Bree-folk, Riders of Rohan, Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, and the Elves of Lorien are all included.
Finally, Horse-lords of Rohan is planned for winter release.  This setting sourcebook covers the region of the Rohirrim, the Dunlendings, and Fangorn Forest, as well as the fortress of Isengard.
The latest One Ring release was the “storytelling card game” Hobbit Tales, which can be played alone or combined with the RPG (see "'Hobbit Tales--A One Ring Card Game'").