Queen Games has hit it big with two Kickstarter-funded projects:  Big Box Kingdom Builder and Big Box Fresco.  Both projects have received over $100,000 of pledged support, and will be released through Queen’s normal distribution channels this spring.
The winner of the 2012 Spiel des Jahres award in Germany, Kingdom Builder has been a hit with game fans and critics alike.  In this game, players use wooden settlements to expand their kingdoms across the modular game board.  The Big Box version includes the basic game as well as the Nomads and Crossroads expansions and the Capital and Caves promo sets, all in one box.
Big Box Kingdom Builder will be released in April with an MSRP of $89.99.
In the Deutsher Spiel Pries winner Fresco, players control a workshop of renaissance-era artists working to restore a magnificent fresco on the ceiling of the cathedral.  The Big Box version includes the basic game and all currently available expansions, including Expansion Modules 4 through 10 and the Bishop’s Favor mini-expansion, all in one box.
Big Box Fresco will release in May with an MSRP of $89.99.