Dwarven Forge has completed another extremely successful Kickstarter funding campaign, netting $2,140,851 from 3,950 backers, to fund the Caverns set of their new Dwarvenite game tiles terrain.
This has surpassed the previous Dwarven Forge Kickstarter, which last year netted $1, 908,155 from 5,398 backers (see "'Game Tiles' Kickstarter Tops $1.9 Million"), and will put it at #4 on our soon-to-be-updated Top 10 Tabletop Kickstarter list (see "Top 10 Tabletop Game Kickstarters"). 
The Kickstarter last year allowed Dwarven Forge to begin converting their existing resin terrain line, which DF says "is costly and a little bit fragile," to the new Dwarvenite casting material.
DF described the new material in the Kickstarter thusly: "It’s a non-toxic, PVC based material, specially compounded to hold precise detail, take paint well, and withstand a serious beating.  About the same density as resin, Dwarvenite has a wonderful, tactile feel. In last year’s Kickstarter, Dwarven Forge President Jeff Martin threw the original Dwarvenite Game Tiles off a 10-story tower, and then ran them over with his truck – and there was not even a scratch."
The new Caverns pieces are available in two finishes, Dungeon Gray or Expertly Hand Painted, though this second finish comes with a premium price.  So while there were fewer backers overall for this second Kickstarter, they bumped their average pledge up from $353.49 to $541.99.
We’ve requested information on trade release plans but did not receive an answer in time for this article.  We’ll update when we have more info.