CoolMiniOrNot will release Arcadia Quest, a new campaign-based miniatures board game, in December.
Designed by Eric Lang (Quarriors), the game is semi-cooperative, as each player leads a guild of heroes on a quest to dethrone the vampire lord and reclaim Arcadia.  However, only one guild may lead in the end, so players must battle each other as well as teaming up against the monstrous hordes.  The game features branching scenarios, and players gain new weapons and abilities as they progress.  The game is designed so that players’ actions and abilities can be remembered from one session to the next, and CMON already has plans for additional campaign expansions. 
The game is for 2- 4 players, and each scenario plays 45 -60 minutes.  The box includes 9 double-sided game tiles, tokens, cards, a campaign book and sheet pad, four guild dashboards, 37 highly detailed miniatures and a rulebook.  Tentative MSRP is $100.00.
The game was funded on Kickstarter in March, and raised $774,222 from 4,885 backers ($158.49/backer average).