Fantasy Flight Games will launch Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion, a new strategic card game set in the Galactic Civil War, in Q3. 

The players in this two-player game are either in command of the resources of the Empire, or the heroes of the rebellion.  Game play revolves around trying to tip the outcome of a key event, such as infiltrating Imperial Center or carrying out a strike on an enemy base, in your favor each round.  Players deploy resources in the form of Military, Diplomacy, Recon, or The Force cards.  Character cards shift unfolding events.  Strategy cards for each faction are secretly chosen before play begins, and determine how the faction will approach its operations. 

Star Wars:  Empire vs. Rebellion is designed by Sebastien Gigaudaut and David Rakuto.  It will retail for $12.95.

This is Fantasy Flight’s fifth Star Wars game, which also include Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG (see "'Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG: Onslaught at Arda I'"), Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG (see "'Star Wars: Edge of the Empire--Far Horizons'"), Star Wars: The Card Game (see "'Star Wars: The Card Game--Balance of the Force'"), and Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game (see "'Star Wars X-Wing: Rebel Aces Expansion Pack'"). 

That puts FFG’s Star Wars games on the charts in three categories (see "Top 5 RPGs--Fall 2013," "Top 5 Non-Collectiible Miniature Lines--Fall 2013," and "Top 10 Card/Dice Games--Fall 2013").