Fantasy Flight Games is preparing the Blood Bowl: Team Manager Foul Play Expansion for a Q3, 2014 release.  Foul Play is a lowdown, cheating expansion that adds three new teams from the Putrid Players Guild in a new subdivision of the Team Managers’ Union.  The newcomers include the disease-spreading Nurgle’s Rotters, the anarchic Chaos Dwarves of the Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats, and the cheating Goblins of The Lowdown Rats. 

Nurgle's Rotter Cards
The Foul Play Expansion also adds some sterner penalties for cheating players in the rough and tumble world of Blood Bowl: Team Manager.  Players can draw a penalty card, or receive one for losing one of the new in-game Goblin Tribal Leeg tournaments.  But if players can find a corrupt official, it is possible to lessen the effects of the penalty cards, which add a whole new dimension to the Blood Bowl: Team Manager game.
Stadium Cards
Another addition to the BBTM game provided by the Foul Play Expansion is the introduction of stadiums, which provide the right treacherous environment for this most corrupt of all sports.  Venues like the Nehekara Death Dome, The Ogham Stonefield, and Castle Waldenhof, not only present entirely different playing surfaces, but also different rules, since certain skills are outlawed in some venues.
The Foul Play Expansion comes in a colorful box that contains 10 stadium cards, 65 Bridge-size card for players and Spike/Magazine cards, 58 small cards split between Staff Upgrades, Team Upgrades, and Penalty cards, 23 cardboard tokens, and 1 rulesheet.