Z-Man Games has announced a new addition to its popular disease-fighting Pandemic line of strategy games, Pandemic: Legacy.
The original Pandemic was designed by Matt Leacock, and this version is co-designed by Rob Daviau, who designed Risk LegacyPandemic Legacy will incorporate the evolving history and consequences of current games into future ones, much like role playing games.  Characters and their actions in the current game play will affect how future games are played.
A Z-Man Games representative confirmed Pandemic: Legacy will not be released until 2015.  MSRP was not announced.
Other imminent upcoming releases in the Pandemic line include Pandemic: Contagion, in which players are the diseases, which will release at Gen Con (see "'Enigma,' 'North Wind,' 'Battle at Kemble's Cascade'"); and the dice-based stand-alone Pandemic: The Cure, which is due in Q4 (see "Stand-alone 'Pandemic: The Cure'").