On July 26th, an exclusive game mat will be available as the first place prize for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Swiss tournament being held at Official Tournament Stores.  The mat will feature character Marik with the Winged Dragon of Ra.
In addition to the first place prize, the top eight Duelists, after the conclusion of the last round of Swiss Tournament play, will each receive an exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Super Rare Token Card.  Each OTS location, at their own discretion, may supplement the above prizes with additional Yu-Gi-Oh! product or accessories.  For more information on Yu-Gi-Oh! Day see "'Yu-Gi-Oh! Day' and 'Demo Day'" and "Interview: OP Ads on TV."
The San Diego Comic Con exclusive will feature the character Kaiba with Obelisk the Tormenter. 

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Finally, at the Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis, August 14-17, a third game mat will be available, featuring Yugi with Slifer the Sky Dragon.  

For more upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh!  releases see "'Yu-Gi-Oh! Noble Knights' Box Set" and "''Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collection 5D's'."