Last weekend the Academy of Adventure Game Arts and Designs presented the Origins Awards for excellence in game design at the Origins International Game Expo in Columbus, Ohio.  Each of the Origins Awards is given in one of eleven main areas, with a total of 27 individual categories, plus the Vanguard Awards.  Winners have now been reported by multiple sources, including OgreCave and GamingReport.  WizKids was a big winner, with Best Science Fiction Board Game (Marvel HeroClix:  Infinity Challenge), Game of the Year (MechWarrior:  Dark Age), two awards in the miniature categories, and assorted other, less prominent awards.   Decipher took Roleplaying Game of the Year with Its Lord of the Rings RPG


Board Games

Best Abstract Board Game:  Kingdoms, Fantasy Flight Games

Best Board Game Expansion or Supplement:  Marvel HeroClix Clobberin' Time, WizKids, LLC

Best Historical Board Game:  Sid Meier's Civilization:  The Boardgame, Eagle Games

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game:  Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge, WizKids, LLC


Card Games

Best Card Game Expansion or Supplement:  Munchkin 2:  Unnatural Axe, Steve Jackson Games

Best Trading Card Game:  A Game of Thrones:  Westros Edition, Fantasy Flight Games

Best Traditional Card Game:  Star Munchkin, Steve Jackson Games


Game Aids or Accessories

Best Game Aid or Accessory:  Gamemastering Secrets, Grey Ghost Press, Inc.


Game of the Year

MechWarrior:  Dark Age, WizKids, LLC


Game-Related Fiction

Best Game-Related Fiction, Graphic Form:  Understanding Gamers (in Dork Tower), Dork Storm Press

Best Game-Related Fiction, Long Form:  Ghost War (MechWarrior Dark Ages), ROC

Best Game-Related Fiction, Short Form:  Enemy Healer (From The Official Collector's Guide to Mage Knight), WizKids, LLC


Game-Related Periodical

Best Game-Related Periodical:  Dork Tower, Dork Storm Press


Graphic Awards [not publicly voted]

Best Graphic Design of a Board Game:  Mage Knight Dungeons, WizKids, LLC

Best Graphic Design of a Book Format Product:  Nobillis, 2nd Edition, Hogshead Publishing

Best Graphic Design of a Card Game:  Chez Greek, Steve Jackson Games

Best Illustration:  MechWarrior: Dark Ages Starter Boxes, WizKids. LLC


Miniature Games

Best Historical Miniature Rules: Kampfgruppe Commander, Sovereign Press

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Figure Miniature Rules:  Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers, Games Workshop



Best Historical Figure Miniature Series:  Crusader Range, Griffin Miniatures

Best Historical Miniature:  Boeing B-52 Stratofortress 1:1250 Scale, Noble Miniatures

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Figure Miniature Series:  MechWarrior, Dark Ages, WizKids, LLC

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Figure Miniature:  Marvel HeroClix Sentinel, WizKids, LLC


Play-by-Mail Games

Best Play-by-Mail Game:  Button Men Web Game, Cheapass Games


Role-Playing Games

Best Role-playing Adventure:  City of the Spider Queen, Wizards of the Coast

Best Role-playing Game:  The Lord of the Rings RPG, Decipher, Inc.

Best Role-playing Supplement:  Celtic Age, Avalanche Press


Vanguard Award

Diceland, Cheapass Games

Warchon, Z-Man Games