In the ICv2 Retailers Guide To Games #2, which was distributed free to retailers at last weekend's GenCon in Indianapolis and with distributor shipments this week, ICv2 surveys the mid-year trends in all the major game categories.  In spite of the recession that is still affecting the overall U.S. economy, game sales remain strong with the exception of role-playing games.  Over the past months ICv2 has been talking with retailers, distributors and manufacturers in order to piece together a coherent picture of current trends in the various game categories. 


While collectible card games (CCGs), the largest market segment, remain strong thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh! and a reenergized Magic: The Gathering (celebrating its tenth anniversary), collectible miniature games (CMGs) are booming (thanks largely to both Marvel and DC Heroclix), and board games continue their rise, the RPG market has experienced a lull while waiting for the arrival of the new D&D 3.5 core rulebooks from Wizard of the Coast.  In the Retailers Guide, ICv2 also takes a look at what retailers can expect in the second half of 2003 with new releases such as the Marvel CCG from Upper Deck, the Simpsons and Neopets CCGs from WotC, the Creepy Freaks CMG from WizKids, and the considerable impact of D&D 3.5 in the RPG category -- all products that could have a major effect on the market.


Another special focus of the ICv2 Retailers Guide To Games #2 is store advertising, with three in-depth interviews with successful retailers and a comprehensive discussion of the coop advertising that is currently available to retailers.  Add to this wealth of practical advice a survey of the top products debuting in August and September and you have a publication that can be a useful reference tool with a long useful life.


Retailers and others interested in obtaining ICv2's Retailers Guide To Games #2 will find information on it in our announcement article (see 'ICv2 Publishes New Games Guide').