The Topps Company is bringing an urban edge to the world of non-sports cards with the help of the multi-talented Wayans Brothers, who have provided the inspiration for The Dozens, a collectible card game version of the insult-topping competitions often known as the 'dirty dozens.'  Topps' version, while capturing the essence of the ancestor insulting contests that have reached historic heights in the urban neighborhoods of America, is suitable for its target audience of kids 10 and up.  Insults such as 'Yo Mama's so ugly, her reflection quit,' and 'Yo Mama's so ugly, she went to a haunted house and got a job' are accompanied by humorous illustrations in this series of 150 cards, which will support three levels of game play in which players attempt to top each other by playing their cards in the best possible order -- saving the best 'zinger' for last.


Each pack of The Dozens cards includes six game cards, one sticker and a piece of gum.  Back in the day, of course, all sports and non-sports cards came with sticks of bubblegum, which would occasionally adhere to cards damaging them in the eyes of collectors, who campaigned long and hard to get the card companies to eliminate the offensive chewables.  But the Wayans brothers, even as they cracked jokes about the rock hard slabs of bubblegum that accompanied the trading cards of their youth, insisted on having gum in the packs. Now, that's keepin' it real!  Look for The Dozens to make its streetwise appearance sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.