ICv2 has learned that the Genio Group is set to announce the U.S. launch of the Myths &Legends collectible card game at this year's Gen Con Indy (Aug 19-22).  Created by Salo S.A. in 2000, Myths & Legends is one of the most popular CCGs in South America.  The game's easy-to-play mechanics, lavishly illustrated cards and use of mythologies from around the world should help it win converts when Genio Cards releases Myths & Legends: Brotherhood this fall.


First introduced to a worldwide audience at last year's Gen Con (see 'Myths & Legends CCG'), Myths & Legends has actually outsold Yu-Gi-Oh in some South American markets.  Myths & Legends: Brotherhood, which is described as a 'mythological world war,' will be the first Genio release.  It will include 170 cards, which will be available in pre-constructed 50-card decks as well as in 11-card booster packs.