Dean Phillips of Krypton Comics in Omaha, Nebraska saw the news of Blockbuster's temporary exclusive on the new Shaman King TCG (see 'Shaman King TCG Exclusive to Blockbuster') and the response of Bob Cosner of Bob's Baseball Cards (see 'Bob Cosner of Bob's Baseball Cards on Shaman King Exclusive') and adds his thoughts:


For big companies like Blockbuster and Barnes & Noble, exclusive products are seen as great way to bring in customers to their store over the other guys.  The main problem hobby stores have with this practice is we are usually the 'other guys.' 


I think companies like Upper Deck don't give hobby stores credit for the power we have over directing consumer dollars.  Hobby stores hold weekly tournaments and sell single cards.  Not to mention knowledge of how a game is played.  Try finding a Blockbuster employee that can take the time to explain to 'little Timmy' the rules of a CCG.  Krypton Comics in Omaha, Nebraska will step up and also not order Shaman King.  We also will not direct people to Blockbuster.
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