WizKids, makers of the category-defining Mage Knight CMG (collectible miniature game) has announced plans for its biggest figure ever -- the Black Powder Rebel Tank -- which will ship in November.  Previous large figures (see 'Mage Knight Gets Mobile,' and 'Great Fire Dragon Unveiled' ) have sold through very quickly, and with some new twists, this figure should turn the dial on demand once again.  In addition to the larger scale, this figure will feature articulation, a feature never before seen in tabletop miniatures gaming.  The largest base for any Mage Knight figures will house four combat dials (similar to the Mage Knight dragons).  More than eighteen Mage Knight figures can be in base contact with the Tank at one time.  Reflecting its larger size and improved features, the Black Powder Rebel Tank will have an MSRP of $34.95, the highest yet for a large Mage Knight figure.