Bandai Games has announced that it will unveil seven anime-based videogames at the upcoming E3 videogame trade show.  The new games include: One Piece: Grand Battle for the PS2 and GameCube; a second One Piece game for the Gameboy Advance; a Zatch Bell fighting game for the GameCube, an Inuyasha: Feudal Combat fighting game for the PS2; a DICE action game for the PS2; a Mobile Suit Gundam SEED action game for the PS2; a multi-player Digimon World 4 RPG for the PS2, GameCube and Xbox; and a futuristic first-person shooter game based on Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex for the PSP handheld platform.  According to Bandai's Website all of these games should debut in the U.S. this summer.


Videogames are a key driver of consumer awareness of both anime and manga properties.  Having a hot game out is almost as good as a prime spot on the Cartoon Network.