Score Entertainment plans to use tournament tear pads on the Epic Battles TCG point of purchase displays in Blockbuster stores to drive traffic to hobby retail locations for tournaments.  Within the next two weeks Score will solicit orders from hobby retailers that are registered hosts in Score's Entertainment's Verified Events Network (SEVEN) for Epic Battles tournament kits.  Tournament Kits will consist of enough product to support up to 20 players and will be sold at a discounted price of $72.50.  Hosts placing their orders by June 24th will be among the first stores listed on the tournament tear pads posted at Blockbuster.


Jason Taitano of Score Entertainment explained the company's strategy to ICv2: 'The demographic for Blockbuster customers is different from that of a Hobby Retail store.  Their customers are not the traditional game enthusiast and are apt to not be a part of a trading card game community.  The first part of Score Entertainment's strategy is to create a symbiotic relationship between Blockbuster and Hobby Retailers in which Blockbuster drives those customers who want to become active in a playing community to one of many Hobby Retail stores in close proximity by use of Point of Purchase displays.  This translates to approximately 3,700 Blockbuster locations driving traffic to Hobby Retail stores across the country as a destination to play.  This brings us to the second part of our strategy.  Score Entertainment will offer Epic Battles TCG Tournament Kits to Hobby Retailers registered in Score Entertainment's Verified Events Network (SEVEN).'