Wizards of the Coast has provided ICv2 with a list of its releases for the first quarter of 2006.  The list does not include novels or release dates for any of the Hecatomb products, but it does contain all the major RPG, TCG, and CMG launches.  In addition to the key D&D RPG releases, Player's Guide to Eberron and d20 Future Tech, which ICv2 has already covered (see '2006 D& D Plans'), WotC plans one D&D supplement (Races of the Dragons) in January and another (Tome of Magic: Pact, Shadow and True Name Magic) in March, along with the D&D accessory, Red Hand of Doom, in February and the Forgotten Realms supplement, Power of Faerun, in March.


Trading card game releases in Q1 2006 include as-yet-unnamed expansions for Xiaolin Showdown in January and Kids Next Door in February, as well as two expansions that ICv2 has already noted: Duel Masters: Fatal Brood of Infinite Ruin and Magic: The Gathering Guildpact (see 'Magic '06 Sets').


Collectible miniatures game releases will include a refreshed D&D Miniatures Starter Game in March, as well as a War Drums D&D Miniatures Expansion, which will now be boosters only, not starters and boosters as we originally reported (see 'WotC Plans Miniatures Games Expansions').  Other CMG releases include a non-randomized Star Wars CMG Expansion, Attack on Endor, in February as well as an as-yet-unnamed Axis and Allies CMG Expansion in March.


Finally in March WotC will also release an Avalon Hill Board Game designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield.