Wizards of the Coast will publish five fantasy novels in mass-market paperback editions in January of 2006.  The releases include Son of Thunder, a Forgotten Realms novel by Murray J.D. Leeder, Saving Solace, Champions Volume 1, a Dragonlance novel by Douglas W. Clark, The Road to Death, Lost Mark Book 2, an Eberron novel by Matt Forbeck, Guildpack, Ravnica Cycle Book II, a Magic: The Gathering novel by Cory J. Herndon, and Wizard's Betrayal, Trinistyr Trilogy: Volume II, a Dragonlance Young Readers Novel by Jeff Sampson.


WotC also revealed the schedule for its new 'mature' (ages 15 and up) trading card game, Hecatomb (see 'WotC Announces New TCG').  The object of WotC's newest TCG is to destroy the world with the help of sinister (and powerful) deities from the Norse, Ancient Egyptian and Lovecraftian traditions -- and additional infusions of these powerful spirits will be available in three as-yet-untitled Hecatomb expansions, the first of which ships in December followed by releases in June and November of 2006.