Kevin Siembieda of Palladium Books has announced in a press release on the Palladium Website that a number of unforeseen events including thefts by an employee and a raft of illnesses affecting close friends and contributors have put the schedule of releases for 2005 seriously out of whack.  Several Rifts books originally slated for late 2005 (see 'Palladium Keeps the Rifts Adventures Coming') have been delayed until 2006.


Kevin has published a new schedule for the first half of 2006 starting with the release of Rifts WB 27: Adventures in Dinosaur Swamp ($17.95), which was originally slated for October.  The 160-page volume introduces the art of Jeffrey Russell.  Also coming in January are a reprint of the Rifts WB2: Rifts Atlantis sourcebook ($17.95) and issue #33 of The Rifter magazine ($9.95).


In February Palladium will release The Best of the Rifter anthology ($12.95 -- free to subscribers) and Tome Grotesque ($18.95) a new sourcebook for Beyond the Supernatural.


In March comes Rifts WB 28: Arzno, Vampire Incursion ($18.95) by Jason Richards (originally scheduled for November) and The John Zelesnik Collector's Rifts Coloring Book ($5.95).


For April Palladium has scheduled Rifts WB 28: Madhaven ($14.95) by Brandon Aten and Taylor White and The Rifter #34 ($9.95).  The only May release is Powers Unlimited 3 ($13.95) by Carmen Bellaire, while in June Palladium plans to publish both Beyond Arcanum ($22.95), a 192-page volume by Kevin Siembieda and Todd Yoho and Rifts and Other Worlds -- The Art of John Zeleznik ($25.95), a full color, 128-page, hardcover collection of art for various Palladium Books projects.