Decipher has announced its strategy for the Lord of the Rings roleplaying game, and it's trying to make the most of this powerful license by first offering a game appropriate for neophyte gamers, and offering an RPG for the hardcore gamers a couple of months later.  The LotR Adventure Game, scheduled for release in December, will contain an adventure narrative tied to the film as well as an introduction to roleplaying to help fans attracted to the property by the movie learn how to pierce the often daunting world of RPG play.  Then in February 2002, a 300-page full-color RPG core game will follow.  There will be plenty of LotR game merchandise to sell in the meantime, however.  Decipher's CCG launches November 6th, and of course there's always the board game (see 'Fantasy Flight Gets Lord of the Rings') and the miniatures game (see 'Alliance/Diamond have LotR Exclusive').