At the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas Wizards of the Coast unveiled a major new game initiative.  Dreamblade is a collectible miniatures game featuring elaborate, somewhat larger (40mm) pre-painted minis and involving a great deal of strategy.  According to lead designer Jonathan Tweet, 'Dreamblade players take on the role of powerful psychic dreamlords summoning creatures to do battle in the dreamscape.'  The high concept description of the fast-paced new game, which takes only 20-30 minutes per contest, may be 'battles in the dreamscape, the collective unconscious of humanity,' but this original property with its very original set of rules, and the summoning of creatures from the unconscious sounds a lot like Magic with minis on a mat.


Hobby retailers may have wanted a straight Magic: The Gathering miniatures game, but they should be pleased with the elaborate organized play program WotC is rolling out in support of Dreamblade (see 'A Major OP Program for Dreamblade') and with the fact that the Dreamblade game will be an exclusive 'core' hobby game targeting the kind of confirmed gamers (15 and up) who patronize hobby venues.

Starter Set

The first Dreamblade release, which will be released this summer, will include 96 figures, 32 commons, 32 uncommons, and 32 rare figures.  Starter Sets ($29.99) include 16 random miniatures, rules and a play mat. Booster Packs ($14.99) will contain seven miniatures, one rare, two uncommon, and four commons.  The Booster Packs will come in cases, each of which will contain 12 packs.  WotC plans to release Baxar's War, the first expansion for Dreamblade in October.  Baxar's War will include 60 new figures and will be boosters only.