Fanpro, which successfully re-launched the Shadowrun RPG late last year, is planning to do the same for the Classic BattleTech Game, a new version of which is due out in August.  Three key products will kick off the return of one of the most successful science fiction games ever created -- the Classic BattleTech Total Warfare hardcover, the Classic BattleTech Starterbook: Sword and Dragon, and the Sword and Dragon MechPacks.


Classic BattleTech Total Warfare ($39.99) is a full color hardcover, which will present the BattleTech game system in fully integrated way that makes it much easier to learn and use.  The Starterbooks: Sword and Dragon provide the perfect way to jump into the excitement of the BattleTech universe with the complete lowdown on House Kurita and House Davion, two ancient feuding entities that share a perpetually devastated border and a bloody history.  Along with a history of the conflict the Starterbooks include dossiers on the key members of two elite fighting units, Sorenson's Sabres from House Kurita, and Fox's Teeth from House Davion plus everything players need to participate in the conflicts between the House Davion and House Kurita including thirty-two Mech record sheets along with eight never-before-seen variant record sheets.


Also coming in August are the Sword and Dragon MechPacks from Iron Wind Metals, the Sword and Dragon MechPack Davion and the Sword and Dragon MechPack Kurita.  Each MechPack contains four unique Mech variants to be used in conjunction with the new variant record sheets found in the Starterbook.


In October Fanpro is releasing the Classic BattleTech Tech Manual, which combines all the construction rules for the various units presented in the Classic BattleTech Total Warfare core rules set.  Fanpro also plans a Q4 release for the Classic BattleTech Introductory Box Set, the perfect starting point for every player, which includes some unpainted plastic miniatures and everything necessary for BattleTech conflict.