Bandai's Digimon CCG releases have been placed 'on hold' for now, 'pending a tentative restructuring of the game.'  The decision is due to the recent relaunch of the property in Japan (see 'Digimon Relaunched in Japan').  That means the three Digimon products planned for 2006 (see 'Bandai Plans 18 Game Releases in 2006') will not be released, at least for now. 


According to Bandai national sales manager Andrew Lupp, support will continue.  'Bandai will continue to support the Digimon CCG through its dedicated Website, and through promotional support for any hobby stores that currently carry the products,' he said.  'However no new cards will be issued in response to the resurgence of the game and the Digimon license in Japan.' 


Bandai plans to focus all of its collectible game efforts this year on the Naruto, Zatch Bell, and Gundam War CCGs, and the Navia Dratp CMG.