Mongoose Publishing will be relaunching its Starship Troopers Miniatures Game with prepainted miniatures next April.  


The release will include eight box sets of 'wargaming quality' plastic miniatures, including the Mobile Infantry Light Armour Squad, the Mobile Infantry Grizzly Exosuit Squad, Arachnid Warrior Bug Swarm (with up to 12 bugs), Tanker Bug, Skinnie Raiders, Skinnie Soldiers, Forth Fenos Fighting Machines and Forth Fenirs Command Fighting Machines. 


After the initial launch of eight sets, one new box set will be released each month for each of the four armies, and a new army will be introduced in late 2007.


Each box set includes basic rules to allow immediate play and a complete rulebook ($24.95 MSRP) should be available by summer 2007.


All previously released Starship Troopers models are fully compatible with the new releases and all are produced at the same scale.  Mongoose states that existing models will continue to be produced, but that no notable Starship Trooper releases will occur until the relaunch.


Despite the prepainted minis, Starship Troopers Miniatures Game is not a collectible game, since boxes have windows and all contents are labeled.