WizKids, LLC and Ral Partha have announced the separation of the two companies, effective January 1, 2002.  As of that date, Ral Partha will no longer be part of WizKids, but will operate independently out of its new Ohio offices. 


Ral Partha fixture Mike Noe will be Ral Partha's owner and President.  Noe described his feelings about the transaction, 'Working with our friends at WizKids has been great, but we're very excited about running Ral Partha on its own again.'


WizKids EVP Martin Stever described the reasons for the change. 'We've been putting 99% of our efforts into Mage Knight and future click-dial releases,' he said.  'This spin-off establishes a strong group of people who know the metals miniatures business and who can now put 100% of their efforts into making it a success.'


As a division of WizKids, Ral Partha has produced seven sets of Mage Knight Metal (see 'Mage Knight Metal'), unpainted pewter miniatures featuring Mage Knight characters.