David Luebke of Dave's Comics Inc. in Richmond, VA comments on the news of WizKids going exclusive through Diamond/Alliance (see 'WizKids Goes Exclusive'):


I have been a customer of Diamond Comics for 25+ years and with all of the acquisitions that they have made, one thing has happened:  all of the customers end up on a single playing field and there are no favorites hogging all of the products.  Remember Pokemon?  World of Warcraft?


Allocations do occur but they generally fair and even handed.  I assume that there were serious reasons that forced WizKids to make this decision.  I also assume that had they not done so, they would have gone out of business pretty soon.  Hopefully, the facts will be revealed soon enough and all retailers will get what they order... not like some of the other companies that play games with distribution and print runs.


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