McFarlane Toys has provided a first look at its toys for the Wachowski brothers' Matrix trilogy.  Series I, which should be out in time to benefit from the May release of The Matrix Reloaded, includes two figures from the original movie along with three figures and a deluxe box diorama scene from The Matrix Reloaded.  A second series of Matrix figures will be out later in the year and will undoubtedly concentrate on the final film in the trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions.  Hugely expensive and brimming with technological advances, the Matrix films are one of this year's best bets for box office success (see 'Best in Shows -- 2003'), and unlike many recent blockbusters the Matrix films aren't over-licensed for merchandise, which should help items like the McFarlane Toys figures stand out.


The two figures from the original Matrix film in the first series are Neo and Trinity in unique, gravity-defying poses from the lobby shootout.  Neo is posed on his hand, while Trinity is literally walking up the wall.  The sculpting skill and attention to detail that have made McFarlane Toys the most innovative force in action figure design in the past decade are very evident in both of these figures.


The figures from The Matrix Reloaded include Morpheus (played by Lawrence Fishburne) striking a martial arts pose and the evil blonde dreadlocked twins.  The snap-together bases of all three figures can be joined to create a powerful fight scene. 


The deluxe Boxed Set for Series I features a scene from a battle in a chateau with Neo in action, kicking the crap out a bad guy on a grand staircase that recalls the architectural style favored under Louis XIV, who left the Versailles palace as his monument.