The Sci Fi Channel's new miniseries version of the classic TV space opera Battlestar Galactica scored impressive ratings in its debut, averaging almost 4.2 million viewers for each of its two-hour segments, which aired last Monday and Tuesday.  Galactica's numbers, which equaled those of the more heralded (and heavily-hyped) Angels in America on HBO, were strong enough to make it the third highest rated show in the Sci Fi Channel's history, trailing only Steven Spielberg's Taken and the Frank Herbert's Dune miniseries.  On Tuesday night Galactica was the most watched show on cable and its ratings were stronger than those of both the WB and UPN broadcast networks. On Sunday, December 14th, the Sci Fi Channel will repeat the entire four-hour miniseries.


Galactica's strong showing should ensure its continuation either in the form of additional miniseries, or, more likely, as a continuing series.  A revival of the property will provide pop culture retailers with some immediate opportunities, since the original Battlestar Galactica series has been released on DVD (see 'Battlestar Galactica Heads to DVD'), while Rittenhouse Archives is launching a comprehensive series of Battlestar Galactica Trading Cards covering all 24 episodes of the original series as well as the 10 episodes of the mercifully short-lived Galactica 1980 sequel.