Art Asylum has announced the acquisition of the Speed Racer toy license from Speed Racer Enterprises.  Art Asylum plans to introduce its new Speed Racer toy line, which will include Mini-Mates, 'Then & Now' Action Figure 2-Packs,' plus die cast and gyro racers for the MACH 5, MACH 9, MACH 10, X Factor and Shooting Star cars, will debut at the New York Toy Fair in February, 2006.


In addition to the toys, Art Asylum will create new Speed Racer animated episodes, which will appear on the Internet during the summer of 2006 and prepare the way for the new toy line, which should be in retail toy stores next fall.


In 1967 the 52-episode Speed Racer anime series (known as Mach Go Go Go in Japan was dubbed into English and ran for nearly 20 years in syndication on a wide variety of American TV stations.  Fondly remembered by at least two generations of American kids, the property is currently in development in Hollywood for a feature film starring Vince Vaughn as Racer X  (Speed's mysterious older brother, see 'Speed Racer Movie on Track').