ADV Films has announced a limited edition 10th Anniversary Edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the classic angst-ridden giant robot series of the 1990s.  The multi-DVD box set, which will be available late this summer, will include every video extra ever prepared for the NGE series as well as a wide variety of premium items ranging from bumper stickers to an embroidered jacket (accessible to fans via a mail-in card on which they can designate the correct size). 


The 10th Anniversary Edition, which carries a hefty SRP of $299.98, is a true limited edition -- it will never be remanufactured and it won't be available for long. 


ICv2 asked why ADV is releasing yet another edition of Evangelion.  ADV Senior Vice President -- Creative Development Matt Greenfield replied.  'The reason for re-releasing the series in a 10th Anniversary Edition is to restore all the commentaries and extras that were left out of our Platinum Thin-Pack Edition, so that the true disciple can completely immerse themselves in the total EVA experience,'  he said.  'Plus they get a cool jacket.'


Asked about the reasons for the series' continuing popularity, Greenfield expounded: 'What makes EVA unique is that in many ways it is a macrocosm of animes all existing at the same time but in many universes, using a basic framework of conventional anime characters and archetypes.  Anno and the Gainax team have fashioned a work of art that changes with each repeat view.  Layers upon layers of meaning and symbolism mean that every time you watch it a new facet is revealed, which changes the perception of the whole.'