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Collectible figures based on anime properties are in big demand from fans, and this prize from Southern Island includes figures based on three of the hottest properties, worth over $1050 retail.  These hot figures are in three different formats, showing the breadth of collectibles available.

- 3 cases of the Fullmetal Alchemist Series One Action Figures

(Case contains 12 figures total -- 3 ea. of 4.different characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Gluttony and Lust.  Each figure stands 6 to 8-inch tall.  $14.99 SRP each).  The Fullmetal Alchemist figures are due for release in March of 2007, and will ship to the winner then.

- 3 cases of the Samurai 7 Trading Figures

(Each case contains 10 trading card figure boxes.  Collect all seven Samurai 7 figures with displays.  $7.00 SRP each).

- 2 each of the 4 Fruits Basket Maquettes

(Includes: Tohru Honda Maquette (6.6-in. tall); Kyo Sohma Maquette (6.6-in. tall); Shigure Sohma Maquette (6.6-in. tall); and Yuki Sohma Maquette (6.6-in. tall). $39.99 SRP each).





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