Studio 4oC announced plans for a second installment of the Genius Party omnibus at the Tokyo Anime Fair, according to Variety. The first Genius Party is a seven-part collection of original stories from Japanese animators scheduled to open in Japan in July, and will have its world premier at the Kennedy Center in February 2008.  Directors include Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game) and Shinichiro Watanabe, who directed two segments of The Animatrix and the Cowboy Bebop series and feature.


A second Genius Party is planned for 2008, collecting works from seven directors such as Mahiro Maedam, who directed a segment of The Animatrix, Kazuto Nakazawa, who directed the animated segment in Kill Bill Vol. One, and French comic artist Nicholas de Crecy. The possibility of a third installment was also mentioned at the Tokyo Anime Fair.


Based on the popularity of omnibus titles featuring top anime directors such as The Animatrix (see 'The Animatrix Could Be Year's Best-Selling Anime Title'), the Genius Party installments have the potential to become top sellers.