FUNimation announced the acquisition of the 12-episode Black Blood Brothers anime series that aired on Japanese TV from September to November of 2006 at Anime Central.  Based on a series of 'light' (popular) novels by Kouhei Azano, Black Blood Brothers follows the adventures of an old blood vampire Jirou Mochizuki, who helped defeat the 'Kowloon King' and his army of black blood vampires ('Kowloon Children') in a major confrontation in 1997 known as the 'Kowloon Shock.'  Ten years later Jirou and his little brother are heading to Japan to the Special Zone, a thriving city where vampires and humans live together in peace, but Jirou soon discovers a plot by the surviving 'Kowloon Children' to infiltrate the Special Zone and Jirou's brother is kidnapped.


Black Blood Brothers is the latest vampire-themed anime announced for the U.S. market.  In the wake of successful debuts of series such as Trinity Blood, Moon Phase and Hellsing Ultimate, and the recent introduction of additional animated bloodsuckers such as Blood + and Karin, all of which have their own 'take' on the vampire mythos, Black Blood Brothers, which introduces its own unique elements such as 'Hide Hand,' 'Eye Raid,' 'Eye Ignite,' and the conflict between the powerful 'Black Blood' and 'Old Blood' vampires, should also find favor with North American audience when it debuts here in 2008.