The Anime News Network is reporting that original Macross co-creator Shoji Kawamori will function as story creator, executive director, and mechanical designer for a new 25th anniversary Macross TV anime series, which will be known as Macross 25.  Satelight, which animated the 5-episode prequel OVA, Macross Zero in 2002, will perform similar duties for the Macross 25 TV series.


The original Macross Super Dimension Fortress Macross was released in Japan in 1982.  Just this January ADV released the first complete unedited English dub of Macross (MSRP $39.98), with the original seiyu Mari Iijimi reprising her role as Minmay for the English edition.  The Macross anime formed the basis for the American Robotech cartoon series (that also included elements from two other anime series, Southern Cross & Mospeada) and hence played a major role in the popularization of anime here in North America.