ADV's Anime Network has added two kid-friendly series from Illumitoon to its lineup.  B'tx and AM Driver are set to debut on VOD (Video on Demand) on September 6th and September 9th respectively.  Both series use variations on the popular anime theme of robots as potential friends or adversaries.


Although ADV has huge library of anime titles that have formed the core of the Anime Network's offerings, the addition of the two 'shonen' series from Illumitoon makes perfect sense to broaden the appeal of the network's offerings.  They are hardly the first examples of the Network adding non-ADV titles.  The Anime Network recently added the RightStuf's Ninja Nonsense to its lineup and has previously brought in a number of other anime series from other companies including Chobits from Geneon, Risky Safety from AnimeNation, Slayers from CPM and Boogiepop Phantom from RightStuf.