Last month Lucasfilm Ltd. filed suit against Gen Con LLC in the U.S. District Court for Northern California alleging that Gen Con failed to uphold its legal obligations in terms of financial reporting, accounting and payments to Lucasfilm stemming from the Lucasfilm sanctioned Star Wars IV Celebration event, which was held in Los Angeles in May of 2007.

Lucasfilm is claiming nearly a million dollars in damages including $500,000 for 'failure to satisfy the Fan Convention Agreement's reporting, accounting and payment requirements of the Fan Convention agreement,' $150,000 for GenCon's failure to remit the proceeds from a Make-a-Wish auction (Lucasfilm claims to have provided items for the auction and help to publicize it) to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, $150,000 for 'wrongfully depriving Lucasfilm Ltd. of the proceeds from the charity auction and keeping those proceeds for itself,' and $150,000 because GenCon 'has been unjustly enriched' by all these actions.

Both Gen Con CEO Peter Adkison and COO Adrian Swartout declined comment.