Two weeks before Blade 2: Bloodhunt opens in theaters on March 22, writer/producer David Goyer told Cinescape Online that Blade 3 was already a 'go.'  The early green light is obviously based on New Line's admiration for Blade 2 and director Guillermo del Toro, who is set to return as the director of Blade 3.  New Line's confidence in the potential of Blade 2 is also seen in a major promotional campaign that included expensive Superbowl ads (see 'Marvel's Mighty Movies Mash the Screen').

Goyer and del Toro's concept for Blade 3 is ingenious.  Set some 25 years in the future, Blade 3 takes place in a vampire-controlled society in which humans are enslaved.  Basically it's Spartacus with vampires taking the place of the Roman Empire.  Wesley Snipes, who plays the truculent vampire hunter, will be back for Blade 3 as will some of the other cast members from Blade 2 including Kris Kristofferson and possibly even Luke Goss (Nomack). 

Blade 2 Comic Adaptations

There is some confusion surrounding the Marvel Blade 2: Bloodhunt trade paperback that shipped last week.  The book was originally solicited as Blade: Duel With Dracula (Diamond Product Number: DEC011848), but Marvel increased the page count by 32 pages (from 176 to 208) by adding the Blade 2 movie adaptation, and then re-titled the book to cash in on the expected popularity of the new Blade film.  In addition to adding the Blade 2 movie adaptation to the reprint of issues #45-53 of Tomb of Dracula, Marvel raised the price of the trade paperback from $17.95 to $19.95.   Marvel announced the change in the 2/13 issue of Diamond Dateline.

In addition to the Blade 2: Bloodhunt trade paperback that shipped last week, Marvel has just shipped a prestige format movie adaptation Blade 2: Bloodhunt Movie Adaptation ($5.95 JAN021859) as well as the first issue in a new Blade series in Marvel's mature readers MAX line ($2.99  JAN021858), which is not an adaptation of the film, but which might well be of interest to customers that enjoy the Blade films.