At a special spotlight panel at WonderCon J. Michael Straczynski revealed two new series he is writing for Image Comics and talked in guarded terms about future projects with DC Comics as well as about a number of movie projects he is working on, most notably a Silver Surfer origin saga for Fox.  Earlier at the DC Panel at WonderCon it was announced that JMS was no longer under exclusive contract to Marvel -- though he will still be writing The Twelve (to the end of its limited run) and Thor (as long as he wants to) for Marvel.

JMS's two creator-owned projects for Image are Justice and Ten Grand and he told the WonderCon audience that he was banking scripts for the two books and hoped to be able to have them debut this fall.  He declined to talk about the DC projects, saying that they would be announced later.

As for his movie projects, in addition to his work on the Silver Surfer, he noted that The Changeling, which Clint Eastwood directed and which is due out in November, was shot from his script without major revisions (a true rarity in Hollywood).  He has also written the screenplay for the zombie epic World War Z for Brad Pitt's Plan B production company, and he has finished an adaptation of the Vietnam-era They Marched into Sunlight for the Sultan of the shaky camera, Paul (The Bourne Ultimatum) Greenglass.  JMS also hinted that he might be adapting E.E. Doc Smith's old school science fiction classic Lensman for director Ron Howard.