Fox announced its prime time line-up for the upcoming season, and three new shows with potentially strong licensing prospects are slated.  All have been previously announced, but without time slots or launch dates. 

Fringe, the new X-Files-style series (see “Fox Looking to Scare Up ‘Fringe’ Benefits”) from uber-producer J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) will premiere with a two-hour special on August 26th, before going to its permanent slot at 9 p.m. after House.  

Two other series will get mid-season launches.  Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (see “Whedon Back on TV”), will kick off on Monday nights in January leading into the long-delayed new season of 24.  

And Seth MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show (see “’Family Guy’ Spin-off in the Works”) will begin airing at 9:30 on Sundays after Family Guy, also beginning early next year.