According to a schedule grid for the Sci Fi Channel the Gainax-produced shonen mecha anime TV series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann will beginning airing on Monday July 28th with two episodes slated for broadcast beginning at 11pm (ET, PT).   The 27-episode Gurren Lagann, which will make up the first hour of the Sci Fi Channel’s Ani-Monday block, is one of the most highly anticipated anime series currently set for release in the U.S.  Originally announced by ADV, Gurren Lagann was acquired by Bandai (see “Bandai Gets Gurren Lagann”), which has announced the release of Volume 1 in July.


Gurren Lagann’s director Hiroyuki Imaishi was the key animator on FLCL and was largely responsible fast-paced, some might say, frantic animation style of that extremely popular Gainax release.  In Gurren Lagann Imaishi’s high energy style is coupled with innovative mecha designs by Yoh Yoshinari and a script by veteran playwright Kazuki Nakashima.