The Korean KBS TV network is reporting that the Korean production company SSD has signed an agreement with Fox TV Studios to work together to produce and distribute a live action TV series based on Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter manga.  The 13-episodes of the jointly-produced first season of City Hunter will be written in English like a U.S. TV show and distributed worldwide (including the U.S.).  Fox TV Studios has produced a number of excellent TV series including The Shield and Burn Notice.

The series, which will star Korean actor Chung Woo-sung, will also, according to KBS, feature “many famous Hollywood stars.”  According to KBS Chung Woo-sung will be the first Asian actor to topline a U.S. TV drama. The majority of the scenes in the series will be filmed in Tokyo and Seoul with actual production beginning next year.

The City Hunter manga, which appeared in Shonen Jump from 1985-1991, has inspired no fewer than four different anime series, three TV specials, two OVAs, an anime feature, and a 1992 live action Hong Kong movie starring the inimitable Jackie Chan.