Jughead #200 will be written by Tom Root, co-head writer and co-producer of Adult Swim’s Emmy-winning Robot Chicken.  Root is also co-creator/exec producer of the upcoming Titan Maximum, also planned for Adult Swim.  Root has also written Twisted ToyFair Theatre stories for Wizard’s ToyFare Magazine

Robot Chicken has had its pass at the Archie characters in one of its most popular stories:  an episode that parodies the Final Destination movies using Archie characters. 

The story in Jughead #200, “Something Ventured, Something Gained,” follows Jughead as he trades his body’s metabolism to a witch for a mega-cheeseburger and his waistline begins to grow.  Archie offers his heart to get Jughead’s metabolism back, and Betty and Veronica step in to help Archie.  Much hilarity ensues.

Jughead #200, which ships in March 2010, will retail for $2.50.

Archie has made a number of moves to revitalize its flagship titles in recent months, including the Archie wedding storyline (see "Archie Nuptials All the Rage”).