Geoff Johns of DC Entertainment has revealed via his Twitter account that DC is in the process of developing a live action TV series based on the Blue Beetle.  The series will be based on the modern teenage version of the BB, not Dan Garret the Golden Age hero who debuted in 1939 in Mystery Men Comics #1 or the more popular Silver Age incarnation, Ted Kord, who was murdered by Maxwell Lord.

The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle character has been appearing in the animated The Brave and the Bold series this year (see “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”), and although the series has not yet been greenlit, DC has already produced a transformation sequence and Johns has posted a series of stills on the DC’s “The Source” blog.

Johns has promised to show the entire transformation clip at Comic-Con.  DC has scored some major small screen successes including the long-running Smallville series.